Avoid the Risk

The main function of our Hawke Transit System is to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which cables, pipes and other services pass.

Cable and pipe sealing system. The transit system will seal against and exhibit resistance to:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Radiation
  • Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Explosion
  • Ultra violet light
  • Humo
  • Rodents
  • Sound
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Electromagnetic interferences 

and all kinds of external risks.

Whenever a rated wall, ceiling, bulkhead or deck is penetrated by any type of service, the occupants and integrity of the structure are exposed to risk from hazards such as fire and smoke, water ingress, vermin, toxic gases and other external threats.

With Hawke Trasit System:

  • Increased safety
  • Total inspectability
  • Flexibility
  • Speed of assembly
  • No onsite modification
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quality product
  • Certified system by leading worldwide bodies.
Hawke HTS Products


The Hawke Transit System is the only totally Inspectable system on the market.

Our Tolerant Blocks use a colour coding system to minimise incorrect installation. This feature is unique to Hawke Transit System.

Also, the min and max cable O/D is clearly marked on the block as to which that particular block will seal. Both features enable post inspections of installed transits, increasing the safety and reliability of the installations.

In Hawke, safety comes first.

Both the design and manufacture of the Hawke Transit Systems are made with safety in mind first.

Hawke products are tested, certified, inspectable and don't generate waste during installation, avoiding the risk of fire due to flammable material and damage to auxiliary systems due to accumulation of waste.


This tolerant block enables a wide range of cable or pipe diameters to be accommodated by a compact range of tolerant blocks sizes. Hawke tolerant blocks have 5 sealing faces that are displaced by the sealing process. This results in a tolerance of up to 4 mm for cable diameters, without any onsite modifications.

This acceptance range is sufficient to accommodate deviations found in cable tolerances.

Hawke cable/pipe tolerant blocks have been designed with a degree of flexibility in order to accommodate variances in cable diameters. Additionally this flexibility enables each Hawke block size to accept a range of cable or pipe diameters.

Thanks to this tolerance, each Hawke tolerant block seals a range of diameters between 3 and 4 mm.


Available in seven block sizes accomodating service diameters from 3mm to 100mm.

Hawke blocks are marked with minimum and maximum cable diameters.

e.g. block size 3018 is marked with sizes 18 / 21 to signify that it will accept cable diameters from 18 mm up to maximum of 21 mm.

In practice this means that a small number of blocks can accommodate the full range of standard cable sizes.

There is a less inventory to manage and the installation and inspection procedure is much faster and simpler than competing systems aided by the colour coding system.


Hawke Transit System with just one look.

The Hawke Transit System tolerant block colour coding assists the installer, speeding up installation and ensuring that the two correct halves are selected for each cable.

The insert blocks are marked at each end with the cable acceptance range. They are also colour coded identifying the cable acceptance of the block. In certain site conditions the general environment and lighting can make the selection of the correct blocks difficult.

After installation the colour coding allows the inspector to clearly identify that the blocks have been correctly sized for the cable. Without colour coding it is impossible to inspect that the system has been installed correctly.

Each individual block has a colour coded face, this ensures that each size and pair of tolerant block halves is always correctly matched to the cable diamater.


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  • Data Sheets


Hawke Compression System

The Hawke compression system has 2 elements: The End Packer and the Compression Plate.

Unique steel insert pins on both sides of the Hawke Transit Compression System ensure that the correct level of compression is applied to each installation, without the need for special knowledge or decisions on the part of the installer.

End Packer

The final element of the frame installation, this is inserted above the compression plate and the bolts tightened to seal the whole frame.

Compression plate

This goes on the top row of blocks, to distribute the pressure from the compression tool and compression system.


Where to use Hawke Transit System?


  • Offshore Platforms
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Floating Production Off-Loading Vessels
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Ship Building
  • Computing / Bank installations
  • Telecommunications
  • Rail Industry
  • National Defense Agencies
  • Tunnel systems
  • TV
  • Water treatment plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Offshore Acommodation modules
  • Aeronautic Industry
  • Power plants
  • Electrical distribution stations

Whatever a wall of bulkhead is penetrated by any type of cable or any kind of pipe or conduct, the occupants and integrity of the structure are exposed to risk from hazards such as:

Fire and smoke, water ingress, vermin, toxic gases and any external threats.

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