Accessories and Tools
EMC - Hawke Transit System

We provide the customer with accesories and tools to ocmplete and assist in the installation of the  EMC Hawke Transit System

Feel free to contact our team in order to any question

EMC cable sheath remove


Stayplates (ap)

For presure application in excess of 3.5 bar


Compression tool

Unique steel insert pins on both sides of the Hawke System ensure that the correct level of compression is applied to each installation and is exactly the same as when it was approved.

With Hawke Compression Tool the system is quickly compressed using a racket socket operable from outside the frame.
Reduces installation time by up to 50%; Consistent compression independent of the operator`s skill.


Pulling Device

The 980 Puller tool is a re-usable piece of equipment which is used to aid extraction of compression system.


Backing Plate

Lightweight sheet steel backing plates are available to be used in conjunction with Hawke Civil Frames "HCX". These maintain the openings through the walls and floors and add to the finished appearance of the installation. It should be noted that the backing plates do not add to the fire resistance of a transit assembly and should not be used to stop fire spread in cavity walls.

Backing plates are produced in standard lengths for wall thickness of 100mm but can be made from 60mm to 200mm for sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 frames plus multiples thereof, but specials can be made.

Please state thickness of wall when ordering


Clamp tool

The purpose of this tool is to hold the position of the already installed blocks when the transit block installation is not completely done. This is also used to install the blocks (without cables).

Also, with this tool you can achieve a much greater comfort in a horizontal transit installation.


Polystyrene Moulds



The 967 Silicone Lubricant is use to aid the installation of blocks which are tightly fitted.

The silicone remains soft a low temperatures and will not dry out over long periods of time ensuring that future modifications to the transit will not be impeded.

Hawke recommends 1 our Lubricant Ref.967 for each 3 apertures.


Intumescent Mastic

The 966 Mastic is necessary when frames HCX are to be bolted onto or into a structure, Hawke 966 Mastic should be place between the flange of the frame and the structure to ensure fire/smoke/gas/water tight seal, see installation instructions in product catalogue.

Hawke recommends 1 our Mastic Ref.967 for each 4 apertures.


Silicone Ref-962

Our new silicone is used for sealing our HMFX range marine frames. The application method can be seen at the bottom of this page:


QA System

ISO Certified and Testing Facilities

Hawke Transit System-HTS is credited by Lloyd's Register LRQA according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 and complies with the European Directive of Marine Equipment MED 96/98/EC, for the production of the sealing blocks under the modules B+D.